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My name is Erica Sanchez, and I’m an Arizona bankruptcy lawyer. I’ve helped over 1,300 Arizonans who were struggling  with serious debt problems to file bankruptcy under Chapter 7 and Chapter 13.

I provide affordable and effective bankruptcy solutions from an experienced and caring bankruptcy attorney. I’ve committed myself to providing the highest quality representation possible. That is my PERSONAL GUARANTEE to you.

If you’re losing sleep over financial problems and are unsure where to turn, contact me today. I’d be happy to answer your questions.

Call us at 602-810-7409 to schedule a free no-obligation consultation.

I’m honored that you would consider hiring me as your bankruptcy attorney.


I’ve helped over 1,300 good people who were struggling with serious debt problems to regain their financial freedom and begin the process of rebuilding their credit.

If you feel like you’re drowning in debt and you’re considering filing bankruptcy, I’m honored that you would consider hiring me as your bankruptcy lawyer. There are many bankruptcy attorneys in Arizona, so let me briefly explain why it would be to your benefit to have me as your lawyer rather than someone else.

If you hire me as your bankruptcy attorney, you’ll get:

  • a lawyer who can understand your feelings because I’ve struggled with debt myself.
  • a lawyer who will make things more convenient and less expensive for you. Most won’t.
  • a lawyer who will do all of the work on your case herself. Most don’t.
  • a lawyer who has helped over 1,300 Arizonans through bankruptcy. Most haven’t.
 I will personally do all the work on your case.

When you hire me to be your bankruptcy lawyer, you get me and only me. 100% of the time. Period. You get me; not a legal assistant or paralegal; not a young, inexperienced attorney.

  • I personally return each and every one of your phone calls.
  • When I leave the office, I transfer my calls to my cell phone, in order to ensure my availability as much as I can.
  • I personally read and respond to each and every one of your emails.
  • I personally prepare your bankruptcy documents and file them with the court clerk.
  • And I will be the one who is with you when it comes time to go to court.
I have the bankruptcy knowledge and experience you want your lawyer to have.

Some lawyers dabble in bankruptcy. Not me. I’ve assisted over 1,300 debtors in bankruptcy since 2009 so rest assured that whatever debt problems you’re facing, I can help you solve them because I know bankruptcy law inside and out.

Let Me Help You Get Out Of Debt So That You Can Have Financial Peace And Enjoy Life Again.

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Contact me at 602-810-7409 to schedule your free consultation or fill our the form below, and I will contact you.

(* Flat fee with no surprises guaranteed. Quoted fees do not include $306.00 court fee or credit report fee)

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